Spiritual Bath Sachet Large (5.9” x 7.9”)

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Welcome to the spiritual bath you’ve been desperately needing. Now more than ever, it is utterly important to practice self love and create mental wellness.

Everything in this sachet has been curated by me with clear intention. I have brought together nine very powerful ingredients to ensure you get the spiritual cleansing you desire. I begin my preparation of each sachet by personally drying fresh cut rose petals for maximum potency. Once dried, I combine them with specialty salts, sesame seeds, lavender flowers, sage, baking soda and goat’s milk. 

If you have recently had a run of bad luck, or even just want to clear some negative debris from your aura, then this is the spiritual bath sachet you need. Each one will include ritual instructions as well as a list of the intentional ingredients and what each one assists with. Spiritual baths are strong vibrationally and as such, should not be done too often. Twice per month should be more than sufficient to start. 

***If you are allergic to any of the ingredients above, please contact me after purchasing and I will gladly omit that ingredient and try to find a substitution to fit your needs.